1.            Introduction and Purpose of this Complaints Policy

1.1          We welcome and encourage feedback of all kinds from our clients and customers.  If you have a concern or complaint about our services, employees, sub-contractors or general customer service, not only do we want to resolve it to your satisfaction, but we also want to learn from it in order to improve our business and customer experience in the future.

1.2          We ask that if you have any initial concerns that you raise these with a Director and/or the CEO at the earliest opportunity.  RaisingNutrition takes any concerns very seriously and we find that most problems can be resolved quickly following an open discussion and a shared understanding of the issues. 

1.3          It is our policy to resolve complaints quickly and fairly, where possible without recourse to formal investigations or external bodies.  In particular, the aims of this Complaints Policy are:

  • To provide a clear and fair procedure for any customers who wish to make a complaint about our services, employees, sub-contractors or customer service.
  • To ensure that all complaints are handled equally and in a fair and timely fashion.
  • To ensure that important information is gathered from complaints and used in the future to avoid such a situation arising again.

2. What this Complaints Policy Covers?

2.1          This Complaints Policy applies to our accreditation and wider services, including our training and consultancy, our employees, subcontractors, and our general customer service.

2.2          Complaints may relate to any of our activities and may include (but not be limited to):

  • The quality of customer service you have received from us.
  •  The behaviour and/or professional competence of our employees or subcontractors.
  •   Delays or other problems associated with the provision of services.

2.3          The following are not considered to be complaints and should therefore be directed to the appropriate person:

  • General questions about our services.
  • Accreditation or reaccreditation cancellations in accordance with our Accreditation Standard Terms and Conditions, where there is no further complaint.
  • Matters concerning contractual or other legal disputes.
  • Formal requests for the disclosure of information, for example, under applicable legislation.

3. Making a Complaint

    3.1          If a formal complaint is felt necessary, we would ask that this complaint, should be made by email, with the email title stating ‘COMPLAINT’ and addressed to either our CEO, Jenna Mosimann at jenna@raisingnutrition.org  or our Director, David Titman, david@raisingnutrition.org

    3.2          When making a complaint, you will be required to provide the following information in as much detail as is reasonably possible:

    • Your name, address, telephone number and email address.
    •  If you are making a complaint on behalf of someone else, that person’s name and contact details as well as your own.
    •  If you are making a complaint about a particular service, such as an accreditation assessment, training day or workshop, the details of that service, such as the date and location, and where appropriate the employee(s) or sub-contractor(s) involved.
    • Further details of your complaint including, as appropriate, all times, dates, events, and people involved.
    • Details of any documents or other evidence you wish to rely on in support of your complaint.
    •  Details of what you would like us to do to resolve your Complaint and to put things right.  (Please note that whilst we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate such requests, we are not bound to take any action beyond that which we may be contractually or otherwise legally obliged to take.)

    4.  How We Handle Your Complaint

    4.1          Our aim is to always resolve complaints to your satisfaction without further recourse to any external resolution. 

    4.2          Upon receipt of your complaint, you will receive an acknowledgement of it having been received within 5 working days.

    4.3          When we acknowledge receipt of your complaint, we will also inform you of who is to investigate your complaint.  This may be the person who your email complaint was directed to (as above) or it may be delegated to an appropriate member of our team.

    4.4          If your complaint relates to a specific employee or subcontractor, that person will be informed of your complaint and given a fair and reasonable opportunity to respond.  We respectfully ask that you do not contact the employee or subcontractor in question directly concerning the complaint while we are working to resolve it.

    4.5          If we require any further information or evidence from you, we will contact you as quickly as is reasonably possible to ask for it.  We ask that you use reasonable efforts to supply any such information or evidence quickly in order to avoid delaying the complaints handling process.  If you are for any reason unable to provide such information or evidence we will use all reasonable efforts to proceed without it, however please be aware that we will not ask for further information or evidence unless we consider it important to the successful resolution of your Complaint.

    4.6          We aim to resolve complaints within 15 days, however in some cases, particularly if your complaint is of a complex nature, this may not be possible.  If this is not possible for any reason you will be informed of the delay, the likely length of the delay and the reasons for it.

    4.7          At the conclusion of the investigation, regardless of the outcome, we will write or discuss with you in person the details of our investigation, our conclusions from that investigation, and any action taken as a result.  Our decision at this stage is final, subject to your right to seek external resolution from any relevant external bodies, for example, the Advertising Standards Authority or Association for Nutrition (see 4.9 below).

    4.8 If your complaint is related to the standard of training experienced during a course certified or assured by a third party, you have the right to raise your complaint directly with that organisation. 

    4.9          For details of complaint and conflict resolution mechanisms available from the Association of Nutrition please see their website: https://www.associationfornutrition.org/about/complaints-and-concerns

    5. Confidentiality and Data Protection

    5.1          All complaints and information relating thereto are treated with the utmost confidence.  Such information will only be shared with those employees, agents and/or subcontractors who need to know in order to handle your complaint.

    5.2          All personal information that we may collect (including, but not limited to, your name and address) will be collected, used and held in accordance with the provisions of UK data protection law (including but not limited to the UK GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018, and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003) and your rights thereunder, as set out in our Privacy Policy, available on our website.

    6. Questions and Further Information

    If you have any questions or require further information about any aspect of this Complaints Policy, please contact us via email at hello@raisingnutrition.org 

    7.   Policy Responsibility and Review

    7.1          Overall responsibility for the management and monitoring of this Complaints Policy lies with the Directors of RaisingNutrition Ltd and all formal complaints are logged along with associated outcomes.

    7.2          This Complaints Policy is regularly reviewed and updated as required and was last reviewed on 23rd August 2023.