Organisations who are taking nutrition seriously…

We are privileged to be partnering, supporting and working with a wide range of organisations and individuals who are positively influencing our food environment and food culture. 

These are organisations who understand the value that nutritious food plays in a sustainable food system and wider sustainable development, and the important role good nutrition plays in supporting health, wellbeing and productivity. 

Through working together to raise nutrition standards and knowledge, we can help make healthier food choices easier,  supporting the health of people and planet.


The ICC Birmingham

The International Conference Centre (ICC) in Birmingham became the first conference and events centre to become fully Accredited by RaisingNutrition in early 2024.

The team at the ICC are passionate about providing a top-class service to their event and conference delegates and an important part of this is being able to ensure their food offering supports their client’s health, wellbeing, and productivity, both on the day and beyond. The Accreditation has provided an opportunity to help differentiate their approach further, building on their well-developed sustainable food strategy with a greater focus on nutrition within this. 

In achieving the RaisingNutrition Accreditation, they have shown and continue to show a great commitment to making positive change, including developing staff knowledge on nutrition through enhanced training, redesigning purchasing and menu development processes, and developing communications to help further promote and encourage healthier options. 

 “We had previously created a specific set of menus providing a healthy lunch offering, which worked well.  However, we wanted to take this one step further, understanding both the positive influence we can have on our delegates’ wellbeing and the importance of nutrition in our wider sustainability strategy.

Working with RaisingNutrition gives us the scope and professional support to introduce sustainable nutrition markers and food policies that will encompass all aspects of our food production, service, and sales processes, touching our entire food offer.

This is a huge step for us, and will also encompass our staff dining facility and all  of our recipe development. We have been inspired by the RaisingNutrition team who are able to offer us the support, knowledge, and insight to take this step.”

Craig Hancox, General Manager at the ICC


One Can Trust 

 “Working with RaisingNutrition has provided us with valuable advice and support so that we may ensure our emergency food parcels are both nutritious and complete in terms of providing 3 meals a day for our service users.”

Jo, Manager at the One Can Trust Food Bank

The One Can Trust is a charity based in High Wycombe, that has been operating a food bank since 2011, serving the town and the wider area of South Buckinghamshire. In the last 12 months alone they have provided over 11,300 food parcels for individuals and families in crisis. They also run various community based food and cooking initiatives and provide wider assistance to help people get the support they need.

We are working with the charity, with the aim of them achieving the full RaisingNutrition Accreditation over the next six months.  This support  is on a pro bono basis as part of our commitment to helping to support healthier food for those most in need.

Their objectives to achieve full accreditation, building on a strong existing commitment to providing the community with healthier food, include:

  • Training for staff and volunteers to build nutrition knowledge and how to use this knowledge to create more nourishing food parcels and support their clients further.
  • Revising packing guidelines to raise nutritional standards of the parcels. For example, reducing the inclusion of sugar and sugary snacks and focusing more on nutrient dense foods and fresh foods where possible.
  • Ensuring the promotion of good nutrition is actively considered as an integral part of all community initiatives 



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