Let’s work together to raise nutrition for us all.

We have a food culture and food environment that often encourages us to eat in a way that is not supporting our own or our planet’s health. 

Raising the value we place on nutritious food, and enabling healthier diets for us all will help us to build a healthier, happier, more productive and more sustainable society. 

We believe that people and organisations coming together, sharing commitments and promoting positive change can and will make a difference; healthier food choices should be the easiest ones.   

Sign up to our charter below, share these principles and our work, encourage your organisation to become accredited, and/or donate to our community impact work and show that you take nutrition seriously…  

key Principles towards a positive food culture

The RaisingNutrition Charter

The RaisingNutrition Charter lists 7 key principles that help to set a clear route to a positive food culture, raising nutritional standards, enabling, encouraging and empowering healthier food choices.

By committing to these principles, individuals and any organisation influencing the food environment or food system can make a difference, promoting their efforts towards better nutrition standards and supporting sustainable development, helping our health, wellbeing and productivity.

Signing up to our charter below is a first step in showing you want to support change in our food environment and food culture and that you will aim to follow these principles as an individual or as an organisation.


Fresh ingredients will often be more nutrient-dense (and naturally tastier) than heavily processed foods, and our bodies and brains need a wealth of nutrients to perform at its best.

Encouraging & eating a wide variety of whole-foods

Diets rich in a variety of plant-foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices, are widely associated with improved health.  Unrefined whole foods tend to have significantly higher nutritional value and be rich in gut-friendly fibre, vitamins, minerals and beneficial phyto-nutrients.

Valuing the quality of calories rather than simply the quantity.


Food is much more than just ‘fuel’. Calories tell us about the energy in a food or drink, but nothing about the essential nutrients that it may, or may not, contain. These nutrients are needed to make every cell within our body and enable growth, function and repair.

Think more about nutrient-value, less about calorie content.  Avoid ‘nutrient-empty’ calories.

 We know that eating heavily processed foods, and those high in fat, sugar and salt, increase the risk of ill-health. These foods are also often manufactured to be ‘hyper-palatable’ meaning they are easy to over-eat.

Be mindful of ingredients and processing, and try to limit consumption of ultra-processed food and drink.


Food choices are often not rational and we tend to choose food based on what we feel offers the most potential ‘reward’ and the least ‘risk’.  Making the healthier options the easiest and most appealing can encourage them to be chosen more.


To create a culture that values fresh, nutritious foods more, we need to increase awareness & understanding of the importance of nutrition in health, wellbeing and productivity.

Let’s talk about nutrition.



To ensure we can continue to access nutritious, nourishing foods, we need to actively support a more sustainble food system that protects biodiversity and ecosystems, and minimises its contribution to climate change.

 take action by showing your commitment to OUR charter principles

Sign our Charter

Signing the form below adds your name to our ‘Charter Supporters List’, enabling us to begin to build a network of like-minded individuals and organisations that want healthier food to be easier for us all.  There is huge power in creating communities and encouraging role models so that we can begin to highlight the importance of nourishing food and encourage change.  Working together we can help raise the value placed on sustainable, nutritious food options.  Eating well will support us in living well, working well and staying well.

Once you have signed up, you should receive an email confirmation that also includes a link to downloadable RaisingNutrition Charter resources that you can print, share and promote. The resources available include a summary of the 7 key principles shown above, as well as more detailed guides of what these can mean to you and your company.

Do reach out to us if you want to know more or if you have ideas on ways to promote and share our charter and its key principles.

HOW ELSE TO take action

How else can you help us to raise nutrition?

As an individual or an organisation, you can play your part in helping create a more sustainable food system and healthier food environments that support us in eating well, helping us all to live well, work well and stay well.

As an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise we can and want to support your efforts.




We accredit, work and partner with organisations to enable and promote more positive, healthier food environments and food cultures.

Organisations in turn can also support us in furthering our education and training work with schools and community food and health initiatives, enabling children and more vulnerable groups to have better access to and understanding of healthier food choices.


1) Sign up to our Charter and support the principles, helping make healthier food easier for your stakeholders. 

2) Contact us for an informal call to find out how we could work together with your organisation; if you are a food service organisation,  you can also book in for one of our menu reviews.

3) Undertake our accreditation programme to help support change and clearly promote your commitment. 

4) Donate to support our social impact work.


Progress and change starts with passionate individuals; start to think about how you might raise nutrition standards and knowledge for yourself and for others. Sign our Charter to show support and share our accreditation and work with others.

Please get in contact if you would like to support our work more directly e.g. as an adviser, volunteer, donor or promoter.


1) Sign up to our Charter and take steps to raise nutrition and make healthier food easier for yourself and others around you, in line with the Charter’s 7 key principles.

2) Promote us and our charter to contacts via social media and by word-of-mouth.

3) Donate your time or money to support our education and training work  with schools and community food and health initiatives, enabling children and more vulnerable groups to have better access to, and understanding of, healthier food choices. 

 We are a not-for-profit social enterprise and any funds donated via crowd funder will go towards our training and education work with schools, charities and community groups, enabling children and more vulnerable groups to have better access to and understanding of healthier food choices.  Our support helps empower these organisations and their beneficiaries in improved nutrition, enhancing their wellbeing.


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