Raising knowledge of nutrition

Are you wanting to build skills and knowledge within your organisation to support better health and wellbeing through nutritious, great tasting food?  We can help. 

We offer consultancy support, training and educational seminars focused on raising nutrition standards and building better understanding of the importance of food nutrition in health, wellbeing and performance. 

All organisations working towards or having achieved the RaisingNutrition Accreditation can access a 20% discount off training and consultancy support, as one of the benefits of the accreditation programme. 

Please contact us to find out more about how we can help.


Helping nutrition mean more

We can help nutrition and healthy eating mean more to your organisation, to your employees, to your customers – and if you are a school or university, your students.

We can offer:

  • Full-day strategy workshops to help embed sustainable nutrition strategies.
  • Interactive courses to up-skill your catering team and embed learning into menus, recipes and the food environment.
  • School sessions, supporting national curriculum, empowering students of all ages and staff to understand more about how what we eat can affect both our physical and mental health ad wellbeing.
  • Engaging employee wellbeing seminars, face to face or online, on topics including
    • ‘How what you eat can influence stress, wellbeing and performance’,
    • ‘Food for mind, mood and memory’
    • ‘Understanding more about how we make our food choices and how to make better ones’

Foundation course in nutrition for catering, certified by the Association for Nutrition

Food Service for Health 1- Day Course

This unique course has been designed for staff within catering and food service organisations specifically.  It provides a foundation level of knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating, as well as providing practical guidance on how to implement this knowledge to improve the nutritional value of menus and create an environment that positively encourages healthy food choices.

Through presentations, interactive discussions and activities, this course supports chefs, culinary and operations teams, and F&B managers in developing their skills to enhance wellbeing through food, and meet the growing demand for responsible catering and menus that offer sustainable nutrition.

Delivered usually as a face-to-face course, we can come on-site and provide this course for your team, or come and join us on one of our upcoming open courses.

Please contact us to find our dates, costs and availability.

As an important part of our work as a social enterprise, we also help to train & educate volunteers and staff within local community initiatives and charities, such as food banks and community kitchens, helping make healthier food more accessible to all.



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